Kongu Matric Hr Sec School Uthukuli shares the proud moment of sending 6 boys and 6 girls students along with the two escort teachers to take part in the National Youth Exchange Program organized by  Indian Red Cross Society at Amritsar, Punjab from 24th Dec to 29th Dec 2022. As our school stands as a symbol of Tamilnadu representation, in the camp the students will be educated regarding Red Cross origin, Junior Red Cross, Red Cross Fundamental Principle, Red Cross Aims and objects with the various thought provoking indoor games. The students and the teachers are felicitated by Tmt.R.Thiruvalarselvi, Chief Educational Officer Tirupur, Thiru K.Palanichamy District Educational Officer (Private Schools) Tirupur, Junior Red Cross District Co-ordinator Thiru.K.Manoharan, the President Thiru.A.K.C.Thiyagarajan, the Secretary Thiru.K.Senthilnathan, the Correspondent Thiru.P.Balasubramaniam, the Treasurer Thiru. N.Chanthirasekaar and the Principal Thiru.M.Krishnamurthy of Kongu Matric Hr Sec School.  A happy send off  is offered to the students and the teachers for the National Youth Exchange Program.