A small step initiated almost three decades ago by a group of benevolent and noble hearted young blood of Uthukuli, to the educational needs of rural area then, has become a great leap hither to catering the academic and cultural necessities of the people of Uthukuli and its vicinity. Ever since the inception, the school has been striving to instill in young minds the ability to think differently and realize their potentialities in a unique manner by fostering their inherent talents to equip themselves face challenges confronting lives, with the noble principles of Knowledge, Merit and Status.


The school commenced on an auspicious day in the year 1991 with a few number of Students and Teachers have blossomed into an excellent centre of learning with 2200 students and more than 150 staff of different states, communities and languages proclaiming its universality. It ought to be remembered that a large number of our alumni students, within the span of time had forayed into Multinational Companies in India and Abroad, almost in all walks of life.


At present, the school building is cast into three main complexes of three tier floors with a vast play ground in the middle. All class rooms are well furnished and have Smart Class System centrally connected with an Interactive Operating Module by which any information can be passed on to the students as well as to teachers without delay. The school has also WIFI connectivity. The school is equipped with an in built auditorium. In addition to this, there are separate physics, chemistry, biology and computer labs of par excellence. A separate language lab has also been introduced in the school to improve proficiency in English language.


Here I place on record briefly the motto and vision of Kongu Matric Hr.Sec. School. Our school has been offering excellent learning opportunities in a serene and sylvan environment within a well furnished innovative and interactive atmosphere. Strong emphasis is laid on discipline and character formation of students as they are quintessential elements required for the wholesome personality and that help them emerge into successful and responsible students. I make use of this chance to put in black and white that ours is the only school which gives quality education to the whole students indiscriminately at a lower fee, without compromising values and principles of teaching and learning and offering high returns to the faculties.


I don’t claim that many improbabilities could be realized. But this humble attempt is a delineation of Kongu School activities in its perennial running. Being online is need of the hour as people have become technocrats seeking everything at the tip of their fingers. I hope this sincere attempt would  tender a chance to an onlooker to skim and introspect our noble values we hold dear, in the pursuit of teaching-learning process.  Invoking God’s help in all future endeavours, I remain.



M. Krishnamurthy, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed.,