It seems a dream yet a virtual reality to place on record that the Kongu Matric Higher Secondary School Uthukuli, has been passing through the glorious twenty seven years promulgating integral development of every child enrolled with it. Having started as an elementary school, with all primary complexities in the year 1991, the school has grown up to a full-fledged institution which caters to the educational aspirations of the people of uthukuli and its  surrounding areas.


I am happy to acknowledge that in the domain of educational excellence, it shines as a bright star and is a beacon of hope to thousands of young hearts to have excellent career growth and recognition at a nominal expense, with the slogan ‘Serve you to serve God’.


With heartfelt gratitude, I recall those past 30 years right from its commencement. The beginning was simple; however the growth was instant and remarkable. The small initiative formed out of charity and benevolence by Thavathiru Thangavel Swamigal still holds on its primary motto even in the period of consumerism and profit motives. The magnificent metamorphosis what one sees now is purely due to the sincere hard work, audacious decision, avid enthusiasm, the steadfast perseverance and the support of my colleagues in the Trust, the principal and the teachers synchronized with co-operation of the denizens of uthukuli. Within a short span of time, the thatched roofs had given way to a spacious multi-storeyed building connected with high speed Internet connectivity, Smart Class Systems in all class rooms, with no additional burden on the educational expenses of the students and without compromising the quality of education.


The school has been outshining other institutions not only in academic but also in the cultural and sports activities. The number of awards and prizes being won by the students and teachers year by year through light on these facts. The credit for this exemplary status goes to the parents for showing keen interest and full fledged support given to their wards.   I avail myself of this opportunity, to congratulate the principal Mr.M.Krishnamurthy, Dr.Radhakrishnan Awardee, respected teachers, hard working supporting staff and beloved students.


Let us enrich our lives with a broader outlook and spiritual wisdom as Rig Veda says, “Let noble thoughts come to
us from every side”. Being the sole president of the Trust for the past 27 years, I owe much to you all for the faith vested in me. The service K.M.H.S Trust renders might be a few small drops in the mighty ocean. But if these drops are not there, the ocean will be less because of those missing drops.


A.K.C. Thiyagarajan,
Kongu Educational Trust, Uthukuli.