It is a matter of pride for all those who are in one or other way related to the prestigious Kongu Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Uthukuli which has been traversing through 30 glorious years.  Right from the beginning, the school has been a perennial spring of Knowledge, Merit and Status for the educationally droughty hamlet of Uthukuli. The school has gone a great way ahead to be the source of inspiration and enlightenment for many young ones.


Having celebrated the silver jubilee two years before, the school has stepped the ladder of honour and reputation up. With regard to the wonderful result securing every year, I might not  simply downplay the excellence of our result by merely saying centum as there are students producing State Ranks. I should not pass into oblivion the selfless hard works of the Principal and his colleagues to bring this institution one of the popular and paramount schools in Tirupur district.


Each individual is unique and individual talents are diverse. Hence the school remains a green pasture for the academic and non-academic augmentation of different genre and calibre. We should also take into consideration the tremendous changes in our children and their learning abilities. Liberalization, erosion of values and information technology etc., have not only transformed social structure but have also made education a challenging task. So, let all our attempt make the students critically respond to these forces enabling them know what is right and wrong. Then and there only, the ultimate aim of education becomes effective and meaningful.


I wish you all success.

K. Senthilnathan B.A.,
Kongu Educational Trust, Uthukuli.