A new era is born in the history of Kongu Matriculation Higher Secondary School as it has completed the marvelous landmark of 30 years in imparting quality education at nominal cost to the younger generation of Uthukuli and its surrounding villages. The humble start in a small strip of land, almost three decades past has flourished into multi storeyed spacious complexes cast into seven acres of land with abysmal aroma and splendid trees congenial to stimulate peaceful atmosphere for sharing knowledge and practising wisdom.


Each celebration is either an exaltation and a culmination of certain events and activities, out of which the entire people involved in get vital energies needed for the days to come. As the Treasurer of the Trust, I have been actively feeling the heartbeats and pangs of thousands of students and parents in their attempt to secure and provide quality education, making them fit and competent in all walks of life.


There is no second thought in celebrating almost every functions which envisage the bright future for the overall  development of the pupils, as each occasion is the real manifestation of art and life emerging out of talents and skills. A casual on looker on this website will get a bird’s eye view of what the Kongu school was and what it is now and, consolidates the precept that “Education is the all round drawing of the best in child and man, in body, mind and spirit”.

I congratulate all on this auspicious occasion.

N. Chanthirasekaar,
Kongu Educational Trust, Uthukuli